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Healing Brush

Services across Canada
Spirit Painting & Healing Brush sessions:
Individual or group
15 minute mini relaxation sessions or up to hour including Spirit Painting for deeper relaxation.
Group mini sessions with 2 to 8 participants are a cost effective approach where all support each others relaxation over a 1 to 2 hour period. Spirit Painting can be added to go into deeper relaxation and is usually an additional 15 minutes per person.

Workshops, retreat sessions and mobile visits to workplaces, sports events, fairs and festivals etc... much like the portable chair massage are options.
A massage table or reclining chair are used for sessions.
Healing Brush acupressure facial brush massage using organic coconut oil, botanical cosmetics (or your own facial creams) clears the mind, relaxes the body and relieves stress.

Spirit Painting uses quality body paints where one goes beyond the physical form to embrace our unique differences. The process is used to bring out the spirit within. Paints easily wash off and it is the additional time of experience not necessarily the resulting image that allows one to go into deeper relaxation.

Artist Derek James has facilitated face & body painting of an estimated 40,000 individuals along with group educational sessions since 1996.

Healing Brush treatments have been in development since 2005.
Healing Brush is evolving where energetic artistic brush stroke techniques transcend artistic style into healing.

Moving towards using medicinal plant oils, creams and flower essences to enhancing the depth of clearing.

A common question:
What is the difference between "Healing Brush" and "Spirit Painting"
Healing Brush (HB) treatments are separate from Spirit Painting as HB uses ones own skin creams, coconut oil or botanicals such as natural cosmetics, flower and plant essences & essential oils.
Treatments can be accented with using feathers, crystals, stones etc...
Herbs, incenses, plants & oils diffused or burned can also be used dependent on location and parameters of area being done in.
Similar to chair massage offered in workplaces HB can be brought into the workplace where a 15 minute session with 5 to 10 minute relaxation period will relax, refresh and aid in focus for workers.
Other venues such as sports events, gyms, festivals, drumming circles etc... are also good locations where the mini treatments allow for stress release and as a benefit when in higher pressure situations.
Spirit Painting accents HB sessions, deepen the relaxation, extends the massaging process allowing one to go into a much deeper relaxation state.
As it uses paints it is not always suitable to certain areas such as workplaces where the relaxation and stress relief break is the important aspect of the service.
SP raises the spirits of client and is a form of painting whereby I as an artist have freedom to create a design while the brush also massages deepening HB treatments.
When SP is done specifically to extend and deepen relaxation allowing one to go deeper it can be washed off with or without the person viewing the result as it is not the resulting image but the process of massage that is of importance.
If someone requires more clarification of the process or would like to have services tailored to their needs feel free to message me.
Spirit Painting is also the name I use for for my Face Painting technique.

Derek also provides Balloon Animal Creations made behind his back to entertain children of all ages.


Derek provides birthday, event, conference, business and festival services with collaborative themed canvases and above artistic services.

Healing Brush Acupressure
Facial Brush Massage
Spirit Painting - deeper relaxation after brush massage.
House Clearing & energy balancing.

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